Student Services

Mission: Student Services aims to enhance the student’s overall experience in AC-Kuwait through its diverse and student led services and activities.

Vision: To be nationally known for our commitment to student success by providing exceptional service, facilities and engaging programs resulting in the most satisfied, engaged and successful student body.


Student Support Office

The goal of Student Support Office is to create a safe and caring environment within which students can seek assistance and receive guidance for non-academic matters.  Student Support officers offer the following assistance to students:

  • Provide and explain information relating to AC-Kuwait policies and procedures
  • Handle Medical reports, excused absences and warnings
  • Handle all suggestions and complaints of students
  • First point of contact between AC- Kuwait and Parents
  • Assist students with college administrative matters and refer students to appropriate campus resources for assistance

Student Life Office

Student Life promotes student involvement in extra-curricular activities and personal growth programs.  Any personal development activity is encouraged and to this end Student Life co-ordinates events such as:

  • Music Shows
  • Drama Evenings
  • Food Festivals
  • Guest Speakers

The Student Life team, will also organize sports teams such as:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis

Students are greatly encouraged to form common interest clubs on campus and be involved in projects towards the enrichment of the community and the environment. Some of the clubs that have been formed by our students include:

  • Volunteer Club
  • Media Club
  • Art Club

Student Success Office

The Office aims to enable students to better acquire Life Skills and employability skills through workshops and seminars. Student Success Office offers the following:

  • Career Fairs
  • Industry guest Speakers
  • Life skills Seminars
  • Academic help Workshops
  • Organization of Internships
  • Middle point between Academic and Administrative Matters
  • Attendance Follow -Up
  • Alumni Office